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17 months, still nursing.
I would feed my baby breastmilk in a bottle, because it is the best way to keep him healthy. But I would do so in the most loving, nurturing way I could. No propping. No feeding at arms-length. I would "nurse" him with the bottle. Many, many mamas do this every day! I'm sure my mama (who fed me formula) "nursed" me in this way as well! But I can understand why a woman would instinctually want to feed her baby from her breasts, even if it were formula. It is an instinct...
It's okay. I have been there. It feels awful, doesn't it? Have a good cry about it, and realize that he will forget about it sooner than you think. Really. He will.
I did not think I would even be able to breastfeed ANYWHERE, even at home, past a few weeks. That was over a year ago. The first big breakthrough was when the pain went away. The second breakthrough was when I honestly stopped caring what other people said/thought. My son is loud. And willful. And having blinders on when in public is just part of the package. You can't have a baby/toddler like mine and try and care about other people as well. I'm not RUDE or anything, but...
For me, the only thing that really worked was time, as Angela said. Block nursing helped a BIT, but not enough that I wouldn't have to wear breast pads. I don't even remember the last time I leaked (DS is 17 months) but I know I did leak for at least the first few months. Maybe the first six months?
It's so innocent. I don't think it is sexual at all. But then, I don't really think that breasts are "sexual" parts -- we can MAKE them sexual, much like a man's chest can definitely be a turn-on. But are they sex organs? No, they're not. We just think that they are. So if you think about it that way, I wouldn't be concerned with the girl's comments at all, because they come from a place of innocense and wonder.
Bring in your usual morning coffee. But whiten it with your breast milk. At your desk.
Quote: Originally Posted by phatchristy I think I would agree that in a clearly adult non-professional situation I wouldn't have any issues with this. Like an all adult halloween party...something like that I don't think people would have issues with adults choosing to dress sexy. However, what we're talking about I think for most of us is NOT primarily an issue of adults. Perhaps in the law practice I was talking about there are adults, but there is...
I think it's sad that girls want to dress that way. And I don't think that it has ANYTHING to do with "women's sexuality". Because I don't believe that "women's sexuality" is represented in these costumes. Just a strange, perverse perception of it. I'm quite traditional with my feelings on this, however. I have never felt comfortable trying to be sexy for other men's approval. Just my husband's.
Quote: Originally Posted by kimmom 264 square feet We live in our 5th wheel with our 4 young kids. Someday a 900 square foot house will feel like a mansion!!!!! Wow! DH's parents lived like that for a while. But they lived on a farm so it worked out okay. Kids played outside when it was warm. Well. Even when it was cold. We live in about 800 sq feet. I would like bigger rooms. But I don't need them.
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