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Um. I eat it all. I suppose that if I weren't a binge-eater, I would give it to DH to have at work.
I like to have a little extra on hand so that I can add more "flair" to dishes. For instance, I am not limited to one type of sauce, etc. I always have extra toilet paper... well, just because. I never stockpile women's sanitary needs, but I really wish that I did. I don't stockpile for the OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING PLANET X 2012 RECESSION stuff. I figure that if that ever does come to pass, having creamed corn in your closet isn't going to get you anywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by KnitLady I'd go to a movie. I'd go all by myself, which I love to do, but haven't done since DS was born 2.5 years ago. Anyone else like to go to the movies alone? So many people act like it's so strange. I even had a co-worker continually question me about why I went to the movies alone. I think he thought I must be depressed or something. I've never been to a movie alone, because I am a "commenter". Yep. I'm...
Halloween decorations
We didn't use a contractor. We did everything ourselves. DH is VERY handy, so that helped. It takes some investment in tools, but it is worth it in the long run. We did not tear down many walls. Maybe a couple. But we did re-do all of the flooring -- refinished the fir floors; created a subfloor and then tiled it in the kitchen; tiled the bathroom; replaced all kitchen cabinets, plumbing and appliances; re-drywalled a couple areas; repainted everything; installed all new...
I wouldn't go for this deal. I would just try and be a bit more frugal about Christmas gifts, if that's an option.
Dairy wow? I should look that up. I eat a LOT of dairy and have many skin issues. I was also formula fed (dairy formula). (my poor mom tried but I was tongue tie, doc told her her breasts were too small... grr)
I would not self sabotage myself through overeating, worrying, insomnia, disorganization and hoarding. Um, guess that's quite the list hey. Overall I am blessed and I am happy to be Christian and fairly comfortable. But I sure ain't treating my body like a temple
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