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My grandma is WAY too generous with my baby. She lives in subsidized government housing for seniors (not a shack by any means, but definitely not a mansion) and she literally gives him thousand dollar cheques for Christmas, birthday, etc. DH's grandma doesn't give as much money but she has... I'm trying to count the number but I'll safely say over 15... grandkids... so her cheques (which are also nothing to sneeze at) are also unintentionally guilt-inducing. She lives by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viriditas He kept thanking me all night. He loved it! And he asked me to tell you all thank you so much and sorry he didn't have time to respond to everyone personally. I think you guys made his month. When I came back on last night the thread had fallen to the bottom of the second page and I didn't know if I should bump it to write his thank you. We celebrated Canada Day by buying a case of Molson, in case anyone is...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyswenn Just saw this, so I sent one, too! MilkTrance... I hate Smarties and Coffee Crisp There are MUCH better chocolate bars to be had here, like Cherry Blossoms... mmmm... Cherry Blossoms... I have had those. I do love them as well. Heck I won't turn down ANY chocolate bar.
Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora a bit disgusted with humanity right now. Oh dear. Care to elaborate or just a
I made scrambled eggs for breakfast and dropped half of it on my foot... Then I weighed myself and even though I have been working out and eating well, I am the same weight as last week... Then I went to nurse DS and opened his diaper -- he immediately threw his hands down into it (which was full of poop) and smeared it on his face... I put him in the tub to spray him off, he screamed hysterically and fell... So I went to bed to nurse him after all this trauma...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiger Lily I can't remember ever having waitresses that are dismissive of the kids either, but we tend to frequent very family-friendly restaurants. In fact, I've found that waitresses in general have been quite receptive and even anticipative of our needs--bringing us cups with lids, extra napkins, making sure not to set hot things down in front of the kids, etc. I've noticed this too, at family restaurants. I...
I did too. He said I was super beautiful. Okay, he didn't say that, but he was polite. Canada DOES have really good chocolate bars. And they're chocolate bars, not "candy bars." Coffee Crisp, Smarties... mmmmm
A package of baby wipes. Even though you don't have a baby.
The word "half" does not bother me, but it breaks my heart when my little guy (who is 1) will say "hi there!" to a waitress in a LOUD voice, and she will ignore him. Thankfully that usually does not happen.
Wow, that's really offensive. No, I don't think that a hospital should be asking that. That's sad.
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