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LOL   gotta get that book, 'No David' by David Shannon
We did not move, but switched due to liking the other school in the area better.  I have my reasons that would make this thread very long.    It is only the second day of school, so early to panic, but my DD is very shy and introverted.  I want to volunteer and she wants to do sports, but are there other great ways to help her make friends?  She is upset.  She left lots of friends at her other school.  Her Birthday is coming up fast.  How do I encourage her to invite...
I find that whatever I have faulted my mom for, I have done onto my children.  And now I understand her better.  Poor mom
chitti-chitti bang bang
  That EC thing sounds way harder than changing a dirty diaper the amount of times needed.  I can relate with having your mind so filled with scramble that the correct decisions are not always made.  That is what happens to me at the height of chaos.
The utmost things that come to mind,   DD jumped on the bathroom scale and it brooke the travertine stone floor it was on.  Our brand new home.  But that was the contractors fault for not putting a backing in that spot.   DS wound the antique, swiss music box that plays Brahms lalabye less beautifly now.  I want to get it fixed some day.  he felt so bad   toilett paper holder is looser because of them changing the roll.   PLANTS IN THE GARDEN!! drives me...
purchasing clothes from LL bean, and Athletica, which allow you to try on, and return for free.   buying kids clothes from ebay and cosignment stores   buying pharmicuticals and toilletries from vitacost.com, and drugstore.com   This saves time, gas, and in some cases, tax
Just want to offer you a shoulder to cry on.  So sad. 
dd 7.75 and ds 5 do the same.  DS gets in her face.  she gets frustrated.  She initiates games he can not follow more frustration and fights.  drives me nutty.
I will try to remove my own post. I mearly wrote it to get advice, and do not want it to turn into an argument.  In closing I want to gently say, my intuition says she was never sexually abused.  It is what SWD12422 said, not sexually motivated, but play.  To me it is a coming of age experience, that I needed guidance on, so she knows how to handle herself.    Also gently, If Marcupial mom wants to define 'flirt' for the context of this thread, in a way that puts it...
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