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My little guy and I did great. Hospital VBAC #2. WHich they kept telling me was just a regular vaginal delivery. Yay my hospital and OB!! And yay us! Here he is... http://cooldogbaby.com/theo/
I tried to get him to squat he wasn't having that either. We carry a bottle for him to pee in now. And yes I know what you mean about the hammer. I'm on the fence about going.
ooooooh isn't that song nice? It's Miracle Baby by Staci Frenes www.stacifrenes.com I see you had yourself a miracle baby . Congrats to you too mama!!
So DS has been having some minor issues with his penis that I wrote about here...http://www.mothering.com/discussions...3#post15608073 Basically he has some ballooning, small amounts of blood on underwear, pain while urinating. All one day occurrences spread months apart. Separation was the conclusion. He pees sitting down. Now that he's bigger we are trying to get him to pee standing up, a cultural norm I guess. I've noticed some other issues now. I always knew...
So now he's saying he has meatal stenosis. A quick look on the internet tells me it's a complication of circumcision. WTF? I'll write a new post...
How is everyone? I hope everyone got the birth they envisioned. Never happens that way, but I hope it was close ;-) Peace.
I have been entirely overwhelmed by three kids so I never got back here to post his announcement. His due date was the 21st and he decided not to show up until May 3rd! And then he came out like a shot - 3rd baby ;-) Announcing Theo... http://cooldogbaby.com/theo/ I hope everyone is doing well with their littles!!
Went to the OB on Thursday and all the plugs are indeed back in the tubs at MAH!! She told me they would be there until at least July and the DPH perhaps takes another look at things. I didn't get a return call from the woman that was running the meeting the other day, but I'll call next week to follow up. My OB thinks that all the calls to DPH and MAH really helped out too :-))) Yay us!
DPH is meeting RIGHT NOW to discuss the issue. Apparently all women currently in labor can use a tub with nurse supervision until the matter is decided. Stay tuned...
So I have been informed by my OB at Mount Auburn Hospital that I will not be allowed to labor in a tub at MAH. The Mass DPH has a new regulation that says the tub must be accessible on three sides in order to be used by a woman in labor. Apparently they have taken all the plugs out of the tubs. I am completely and utterly disturbed by this implications of this for all women, but selfishly for my own birth coming up in 6 weeks or so. The tub was the only way I...
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