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I did a complete declutter of the living/dining room today and got rid of a bunch of stuff, including various school supplies, craft supplies, old cloth diapers , fabric, and tons of CDs and cables.   I rounded to 80, which brings my total to 490.
Here's the thing. Would your child ever get away from you and be able to cover 3 acres without you noticing? If this is the case, then your child is in danger no matter what the surroundings, KWIM? I think if you are parenting like most caring parents then you should be fine, assuming that your yard is going to be fenced in.
I got rid of about 50 items comprising of books, toys, and some kids clothes last week. So I'm now at 379/2000.
I got some stuff done, but the house doesn't look any better. Sometimes it gets messier while it gets cleaner, if that makes any sense. I didn't get to mop, but I did get some painting done, so that's a plus. Hopefully I will finish painting in time for my son's highschool gaduation.
I need to get my ass in gear today.   This morning's to do list:   flylady swish and swipe make beds 15 minute declutter vacuum office/entry room do one load of laundry   For this afternoon:   sweep floor mop floor dust sofa 
2 towels 1 broken chair 1 perfume 2 body lotions 2 chipped dinner plates 1 cardboard box 2 plastic bowls 4 pots 1 lid 1 cookbook 3 plastic boxes 2 mismatched socks 2 nail clippers 1 scissors 1 book   Subtotal 26   New total 303+26 = 329
We've never done Easter gifts, but we are Hispanic and growing up giving gifts on Easter was just not part of the tradition. Only until last year did I actually realize that the rest of the US gives Easter gifts, lol. I don't know how I managed to miss  those Easter baskets at the stores for all these years.  
Oh, I forgot about this group. I have to post some of my pics here too!
Wow, I can't beleive you've managed to get rid of over 1000 things already. I'm not even over 500. Way to go!  
Here are the last few things I've gotten rid off.   1 hair dryer 1 stand mixer 1 coffee grinder 1 video game console 1 recipe box 1 magazine holder 4 hangers 1 spray mop 5 gift boxes 2 toy cars 5 medicines 1 scissor 1 leather jacket 2 camis 1 suede basket 2 towels 5 thank you notes   subtotal 35   new total 268+35= 303
New Posts  All Forums: