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It's been around getting worse over the past week and I've now officially gotten to the point where I'd rather just puke and hope that stops the nausea.  It seems like eating protein helps.  Chewing peppermint gum....but then as I realized today....I still need to eat or it gets worse and I can't eat at all.  Last pg I had m/s that was worse in the evening started at 6 weeks and lasted until about 16 weeks.  So far this time it's just a mild nausea (until today) that is...
Just trying to gauge how often insurance will actually pay for homebirth.  If not, what was the out of pocket expense?
We told after seeing the heartbeat wtih #1 at 7 weeks.  This time around, we saw the heartbeat and the baby measured 5 weeks.  I'm feeling it's too early and I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the concept because it was a total surprise to get a BFP.  However, m/s has arrived earlier this time around and I am dead tired.  I almost spilled the beans at work yesterday.  I need to tell my supervisor first.  I have zero creative ideas for telling the family.  I'm not...
Glad to hear other mamas showing so early!  I'm between 5-6 weeks (by my count) and feel that by evening I look like I'm about 4 months pg which is when I started showing (obviously) with #1.  I'm thinking about pulling out the photos to compare.  My belly never went back to pre-pregnancy size though, having a seperated rectus abdominus, so I'm not surprised.
Just wanted to update that after the u/s and finding out that the dating was more in alignment with my thinking than my LMP, I decided not to take the supplements because my levels would have been right in the appropriate range with where I was in my pregnancy.
Thanks, I realized after posting the question that I don't intend to calorie count either. lol  Still, it's nice to know what the answer to the question is to justify how much I've been eating!  Thanks again!
How many calories do you need to eat when you are pregnant and breastfeeding?  Is it 300 + 500 for a total of 800 additional calories?  DS is nearing 4, so I'm thinking I don't need 500 calories to breastfeed, but I am hungry all the time.
DS does the same thing.  At night when actually going to bed, he nurses longer on one side.  When it starts to drive me crazy, I tell him this is the last one and he's usually okay with it.  I am also newly pregnant about 5 weeks and I think if he continues to nurse and I end up tandem nursing that he would be happy with getting one side at a time.  Not sure how sharing will go though. 
Thanks for replying.  I've been working f/t and started my own business on top of it all about 2 years ago.  I'm already stretched to the max and have no idea how I'm going to continue (or if I even want to) after #2.  I'd really enjoy a slower pace to life.  I guess I have 8 months to figure it out.  
Not completely sure of our due date. Most likely early January (6th or 7th). Had an early u/s on Friday and she said baby was measuring 5 weeks, which coincides with the date that we were thinking we conceived.  Said it was the earliest she's ever seen a heart beat.  This will be #2 for us.  DS will be 4 in September.  We were not trying, in fact I had just accepted that #2 was most likely not going to happen (we had fertility treatments the first time to get our BFP)....
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