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It's all an attempt to shape the way people think by the words people use. Like uncircumcised (implies not being circumcised is abnormal vs uncut (which correctly points out that having a foreskin is the natural state). It is very 1984. In babys I would say it's more like traumatically tearing the foreskin from the glans. In adults I would say it slides. And why is it called fore-skin it should be called awsome-skin. Then maybe people would think more about cutting it...
Quote: Originally Posted by thixle I thought that was so sweet and wonder if most intact guys bleed the first time they masturbate or have intercourse, like most women do? I am fairly confident the answer is no. Most men start masturbating long after they are retractable.
Thanks but I will just buy more saline when I forget I can't bring fluids on the airline
Quote: Originally Posted by jwhispers Of course it is being couched that way. Thats why they went with the absolute vs the relative. I just want the skinny on this thing before it hits all the forums I read and post in. I don't want this to slip by and be too old to comment on when we find out what they did.
Here is my suspicion. Does anyone have access to the actual questions they asked the study participants? If it is a (yes or no) are you satisfied with sex? You are going to get a bunch of yes's. However if you ask on a scale of 1 to 100 how satisfied are you with sex, you will get a more accurate result. I am extremely worried that this study is framed in a (mis-guided) humanitarian context.. AKA looking for proof that circumcision is ok.
Of course education is still important but this sounds like asking Which women want to pay higher pregnancy related insurance premiums because people want to mutilate their children? I am against it ethically and financially, so it's win/win to me if they don't cover it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering AFAIK, RIC is Routine Infant Circ. IRC is Internet Relay Chat, in my circles at least. I was wondering what everyone had against a chat protocol. : Quote: Originally Posted by Leiahs I've never heard anyone use the term "Infant Routine Circ". Is there any other kind of routine circ? If those nutty "researchers" get their way in Africa.. then yea there will be another kind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Papai But then certain feminists continue to slam me as sexist for bringing up that male circumcision hurts boys too. They are just pointing out to you that they are complete hypocrites that don't even know what the word sexist means. Denying that boys are hurt by mutilation and denying their human rights, while championing protection only for girls is sexism, loud and clear.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if certain words trigger MOD action or even automatic deletion. They get plenty of spam there. Try changing the word penises to something that won't trigger the automatic penis enlargement add deleter.
I like the second one because, asking yourself that question is supposed to gently slap you in the face with the realization that every baby boy is born with one and that we are supposed to have it. Something people who consider circumcising easily forget. It's a very basic argument, but IMO very effective for logical people.
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