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There are still several of us left
5 cm dilated. Did another membrane strip today. MW suggested I go to the birthing center and have them break my waters since she thinks it will be a fast labor. I have mixed feelings. MW on call said she have to assess me herself anyway, so I'll wait awhile and see if the membrane strip works on its own. My MW is on next week, so I said that if I don't give birth by then I will skip my appt and just meet her at the BC. The BC is much, much closer to my house than the...
congratulations to all the new mamas!   Thinking of you, Jess!
Not if I'm any indication.
Still here. Although I am only 39-1, this is the longest I've ever been pregnant (my latest prior birth was 38-2). I've had so much prodromal labor this time. Ctx keep starting and stopping. Cervix at least 4cm, 90% effaced, and anterior. I've had my membranes stripped. Saw mucus plug and bloody show. Lots of symptoms, but still hanging in there. I keep nesting and renesting. Getting tired of it. By the time I go, my house will probably just be a foodless wreck with lots...
Congratulations to everyone! What a busy week, and hopefully we'll hear from Mayday today too!
wow! congratulations! been thinking of you all night. Can't wait to read the story!
rooting for you...
Sorry you are going through this. I think we are all on edge because we don't know what is going to happen when and how. Even though we haven't been fighting, I can tell dh is anxious about work too. He wants to have things wrapped up at work, he is worried about me, and of course we have know clue when.    I hope you're doing better today. You've been a rock of support for lots of mamas here.
Add me to the club. I was at the MW yesterday. She said I am sooo ready. 4cm dilated, 90% effaced, baby is right there. She offered to sweep my membranes and said I'd probably go into labor. Went home and went to the zoo with dh and ds. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. Hardly a contraction at all. Physically I'm actually feeling really good, but emotionally I am a wreck. I am so anxious to just have a healthy baby.
New Posts  All Forums: