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this is the blistering rash that coursed up one side up his body down the other, during the breakout, when the allergy meds wore off 
i urged her to do just that -  file complaints with all entities possible...and she was a mom who thought 'it could never happen to her child'.  
theres one in my group who was paid a hefty sum for her son's vaccine injury, and started a foundation/website educating parents.   Another mom's son got a couple vax's at his yr old check up, a week or so ago,  and is now suffering with a blistering rash all over....the rash started within 18hrs....ER drs confirmed an allergic reaction.. he would be a perfect poster child for  an adverse reactioni event asssociated with vaccinating, and combo vaccines.  His original pedi...
We see a lot of pictures of babies in the news in the NICU who have whooping cough, etc, etc, appealing to nonvaccinating parents...I wish the news were as eager to print pictures of vaccine injured children, to appeal to the vaccinating parents. Same goes for radio ads...why not put on radio air, a baby crying the high pitched scream, indicating encephalitis, warning vaccinating parents this can happen?  Instead, we hear a baby coughing and gagging, urging parents to...
101. Limiting freedom of speech
yep, and then met with ' well, you can die eating peanuts' or 'just as much chance of dying in a car accident' argument...as well as, 'well, there's no way to really tell if it was the vaccine or not - babies just die sometimes'   
Like, the denial that babies DO die after receiving vaccines.  The denial is just unbelievable that is rampant in society in the USA.. ..or the attitude that they're 'taking one for the team' type of thinking.  Makes me sick. 
The  problem is, these two questions you posted do not coincide with my reasons for not vaccinating, therefore, i could not complete said survey.   There was no 'argument' to be had in the first place. I didn't argue with anyone over it.    
94. Well baby visits
You should probably start your own post on this, rather than derailing mine...thanks
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