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Then theres the friend of mine who's dh is immune compromised, yet she takes the flu shot every year, and whatever other vaccines, to 'protect him'....yet both of them think nothing of going around hundreds of people because they're musicians, and have a gig to play.  Um, if she was THAT concerned about his health, wouldn't it make sense to stay away from crowds like that?   
excuse me while i go throw up
Found this article on the different countries and their vaccine schedule http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/janak/080605 Vaccinations by the age of 2 years old  
i can't help but wonder if it isn't RSV, and in the overzealous attemtp to maximize your position of no vaccines, rushed to the worst possible scenario they could concoct to 'scare you'...Did they even mention RSV  at all??  
http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20140329/OPINION04/303290096/Soapbox-Families-should-able-make-vaccination-choice-without-being-unfairly-treated?nclick_check=1   Soapbox: Families should be able to make vaccination choice without being unfairly treated
Read more: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2014/03/27/Measles-outbreak-in-California-growing-21-cases-in-one-county/5151395940214/#ixzz2xRiCN3kv
yeah, i watched it...the usual pharma propganda took over most of the segment. 
my guess is the standard schedule, since she was so adamant about not being able to bring her baby to a pool or beach until they were 'done'
Ever hear of such quackery??  I was readign a comment elsewhere from this mom who said she had read about how a baby shouldn't go to the pool or beach until the first couple rounds of vaccines...smh...do people really have such little common sense anymore?
I just saw the ad for it...one dr is going to be on condemning the vaccine.
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