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My family has never recieved it, nor will they ever, nor have i gotten one in 25yrs...my mother, who has dutifully gotten one for the last 30yrs, now has alzheimers, as do most of the seniors i know, who have taken the vaccine for an extended amount of years. I believe there is a connection between that, and using aluminum pans to cook in,  while that generation grew up.  My kids had the flu a couple weeks ago....mild, over it in three days.   I think the flu vaccine...
this post was on there....horrific, too    
Yes, it's possible the MMR gave the child mild arthritis.  It's in the list of side effects for that vax.  Here is a list to help you out when deciding about vaccines.  Remember, you can always, delay, but you cannot take back what's been injected.  vaccine ingredients are also something to research as well.  http://vactruth.com/vaccine-inserts/ Here are some questions to answer for yourself in deciding about vaccination: 1. Name of the disease 2....
  According to the American Medical Association, definite procedures have been established to govern medical office visits in relation to the process of obtaining informed consent from patients.  We are doing a study of people who are currently taking or have recently taken a prescribed medication to gather information about physician-patient communication and the extent of  any informed consent given by the you, the...
the pertussis portion of the old DPT is known for it's serious adverse side effects...and the new DTaP vaccine perpetuates whooping cough.   If you have a genetic predisposition to allergies,  vaccines can over-produce Ige, making allergies worse in the child early, or later on.  
I'm in Ct too...prayers out to all families affected...what a horrible horrible thing.  
Global pediatric vaccine market to hit $23B by 2015 The global pediatric vaccine market will likely hit a value of more than $23 billion by 2015, a market analysis shows.      Read more: Global pediatric vaccine market to hit $23B by 2015 - FierceVaccines http://www.fiercevaccines.com/story/global-pediatric-vaccine-market-hit-23b-2015/2012-12-12#ixzz2F1qghCoa   
I haven't had a tetanus shot in 30 yrs, my 3 kids who are grown, have never had one....no problems...tetanus disease is mainly found in drug users who don't know how to clean their wounds or have no access to water to wash up.  Tetanus spores also live in horse dung-did your plant on the table have soil in it that had used horse dung as fertilizer?   I wouldn't be worried at all over the cut your dd got... mine have gotten much much worse, with no issues, not even...
I can't say i ever knew anyone who just kept old useless guns laying around on a shelf or in a cabinet...the people i know, got rid of weapons they didn't use, unless they were antiques and on display.  Esp now since the market for metal is very high.      
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