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I sure hope it doesn't set some kind of trend amongst other states to do the same..and then one has to wonder, if a child suffers an adverse or fatal reaction, how is the state going to be responsible for it? 
The new scare tactic that's going to be used on pregnant women, 'Let's tell pregnant women if they don't get the flu shot then their child will have a much higher chance of autism'..that will boost flu vax sales for sure...will it boost miscarriage rates?  One can only wonder, wait, and see the outcome in a few years of this strategy being used on pregnant women. 
i've never met a naturpath who pushed vaccines.....sounds kinda contradictory to me.  
I'd keep my kids home too, for my OWN piece of mind... i remember in the early 70's elementary grades getting lined up at school for some vaccine, and there were a couple kids who didn't have to go...all the kids in line were wishing they were those two, and kept making remarks of 'how lucky' they were not to have to get a shot.  I also remember the one girl saying it was against her religion and that's why, the other girl said she was going to her own dr for it...
What kinds of injuries did you see, if i may ask?
wakefield wasn't even part of the equation for me in the early 90's...he wasn't  a media hit yet...and actually, back in the early 90's, there was little  mainstream media info out there on vaccines..a person had to dig thru medical journals, magazines, and digests, all hard copies...no internet existed yet.  
They are people just like anyone else and are entitled to give their opinion too...one can choose to dismiss their opinions based upon social status...those of us who have had similiar experiences that are talked about by these people, whether drs, or celebrities, is my main concern, not their social status as a celebrity.   I am interested in all relevant information.  And, i never said their story was more interesting, i was stating that one may have an experience to...
it will certainly not be played up like wakefield was, and still is in mainstream media articles regarding vaccines
what i meant was he certainly is not getting the negative mainstream media publicity wakefield got and still gets
what's wrong with a celebrity adding their opinion to the mix?  They may have a personal story to tell.  
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