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 here's a couple articles with opinions about it...these are in no way tied to any kind of study done or anything, it's just an article.     http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/local/chickenpox-immunization-could-lead-increase-shingl/nSwWf/   http://therefusers.com/refusers-newsroom/chickenpox-immunization-could-lead-to-increases-in-shingles-cases-ktvu-san-francisco/
i would think a certain amount of people bought into this theory as it evolved, and then went on to sell it to others, and so on and so forth, with pharma getting involved and now getting their piece of the pie in the health industry.....(just like they used to say cigarettes weren't harmful.  Someone probably claimed they did a study, sold it to the general public that cigarettes are safe and can be safely smoked by all.)  I am not saying cigs were used as a health...
if you follow the references in many of the articles, they lead you to cdc, fda, other gov related info...but it does make it easier for a newbie to find info by the gov supported sites
you can do that anyway going right to the CDC or FDA website, or a manufacturer's website in regards to vaccine info
same info as what's already out there and posted around here on MDC, just compiled into a different website
You had mumps and measles and they still gave the MMR vaccine?  Did you think that having the disease already somehow triggered a worse reaction to the vaccine?  
I'll be singing this piece too
have you personally interviewed the millions of people in the world that have recieved this vax and did you examine them yourself to determine no reaction occurred?   And, vaxers aren't responsible for the current WC epidemic,  the failure of the vaccine is.  
i agree her questions about your religion were NONE of her business and legally you could have refused to answer it, and then told her it was against the US Constitution her asking you about your religion.  I agree, with ma2two, you should report her to her supervisor for that totally UNprofessional behavior.  Her asking someone about their religion, is NOT part of her job.  And no, you don't have to be a 'certain religion' to avoid vaccines...if your beliefs do not...
So, are you categorizing all men as sex crazed machines?   That's a pretty bold statement you make right there, insinuating that the men are the ones out contracting and spreading VD...virginal bride??  LOL....how about a virginal man?  
New Posts  All Forums: