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there are plenty of articles about his exhonoration     Andy Wakefield exonerated because John Walker-Smith won his ... scienceblogs.com/.../03/.../andy-wakefield-exonerated-because-john-... Mar 8, 2012 – Dr. Wakefield's statement and subsequent publicity had a .... tries to spin this as some sort of exoneration of its heroAndy Wakefield, it's not.     Dr. Andrew...
I remember a time when i worked as a daycare teacher in the early 80's and we laughed about how one day they'd have a chicken pox vaccine....sure enough, ten years later, one came out, so parents wouldn't have to miss work taking care of a sick kid with that pesky childhood disease, chicken pox.  THAT is why the chicken pox vaccine became mandated so early.   'They' figured all the other childhood disease shots were on the schedule, might as well make chicken pox...
vaccines can leaves scars just  like an assault, only most are naked to the human eye....think of brain damage by vaccines, learning disabilities,  digestion problems, autoimmune disorders, etc, etc...they can also leave physical injury scars too,  like developing guillain-barre syndrome, or athritis,  hypotonia,  tics, etc, etc....A physical assault can lead to learning disabilities, brain damage, tics, strange behavior,  physical scars, etc, etc....   and the scientific...
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flumist is a live virus and can shed to unsuspecting individuals         http://experimentalvaccines.org/2012/08/18/sneezing-the-new-wmd-weaponized-mucus-device/
the article says he is denmark awaiting extradition to the USA for his crime
I'm not worried at all..
once you have pneumonia, you will remember it for the rest of your life.... i had pneumocccal pneumonia, and it was the worst illness, outside of mono...it took me two months to recover after the initiall two week illness was over.
with some vaccines, the odds of getting the disease are the same...like whooping cough for example...how many vaxed have now caught it?
Unfortunately,  a lot of New parents DON'T KNOW their rights regarding vaccines and look to pedi's for their answers AFTER the baby is born...what they get is coercion, blatant lying and downright scare tactics and fearmongering on the drs part to get them to comply with HIS regimen of vaccines.   MOST parents trust their pedi, even when they havent researched vaccines, and trust he is right, and trust what he says.  So it's relatively easy for a pedi to coerce parents...
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