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Did she say her son has HepB?  You should ask her since you noticed the blood...yes, it is a far stretch...if her son were truly a carrier and able to spread it thru dried blood drops on his face, dont' you think his mother owes some responsibility in that as well  as in letting people know?   Like, shouldn't she have forewarned people about something like that?    Nosebleeds are often associated with leukemia as well.  
Maybe not right this moment, but it's being considered...but what i don't get is why they referenced to  the DPT, instead of DTaP      
Honestly if it bled a lot that's a good thing and chances of tetanus spores lurking on a filing cabinet are nil, imo.   i'd just keep it clean and use some zinc or bacitracin ointment on it and keep an eye out for redness and swelling in the next 24-48hrs.  I really don't think any tetanus infection will come of it...my 3 kids have had numerous run ins with various elements, and all are unvaxed.   Tetanus is not a very common thing in the US and it's mostly in drug users...
this group may be able to help
Get a hold of her > Patricia Finn Attorney   she can answer your questions
what do you think of this article?     How Doctors Do Harm Posted on:  Tuesday, September 11th 2012 at 6:00 am Written by:  Dr. B.J. Hardick, D.C.
What are your opinions on the autism epidemic that seems to be worsening as the years/decades go by?  And more and  more vaccines are added to the childhood schedule it seems every couple years or so?  We are vaccinating not only for the 5 childhood diseases, but it seems like for everything under the sun, they want to vaccinate kids.  How is this going to play out in future generations in regards to health, auto immune disease, long term health, etc......one can only...
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