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Hopefully this will get some responses when everyone is done partying. I'm such a loser I have nowhere to be tonight. Ok, background: We highly suspect that some kind of preservatives or food additives may be contributing to my 4 yo's behavior problems. At least red 40 has been confirmed so far, but I think there must be others. We weren't able to figure it out over the holidays, but we did have him off all food additives for a long weekend, just long enough to...
Congratulations to everyone newly postpartum! I haven't had as much chance to get on here lately (which is probably a good thing) so I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up and congratulate everyone. Baby boy is 2 weeks 2 days old today and doing great. I am still having hip pain too! Grr! However, it is better than it was when I was pregnant. I had noticed that every time I would have a run of prodormal labor it would get better...weird. So I was excited to see...
Momma: BFS Baby: a boy! DS2 Birthdate: 5/30/2011 Time: 2:20 am. Weight: 8 lbs. 4 oz. Length: 20" Location: Home, unplanned but not unprepared-for UC
Also prunes or prune juice. I've never found it to be that bad, either time. I'm still having nipple pain at latch-on, but other than that, nursing is going well here (yay). I don't seem as engorged this time, and I'm not spraying across the room.
MW, I started drinking RRL in the second trimester. I drank it weaker than recommended though, I think. We're doing pretty good here. DS2 is a very happy baby, except when his clothes or diaper needs changing, then it's like "shriiiiieeeeeek! Hands off my apparel!" LOL He seems to have his days and nights figured out already - he woke up twice last night to nurse but then fell right back asleep. And actually DS1 slept in until 8 or so too, and so did I! It was very...
Heh heh, well I did bake the cake but we didn't go out. Last time around I pretty much resumed normal life, and then I was out at Target one WEEK postpartum and then to church, and started bleeding all over the place...who knows if that caused it or not but my plan was to take things easier early on this time for that reason.
Congrats! Hooray!
Thought I'd start a chat thread for those few of us who are already on the other side. If any of us have enough time to chat. So how's everything going with the new babies? Things here are pretty good. The only complaint I have is sore nipples but they seem to be getting better. They are very irritated and bleeding but I can now actually tolerate nursing, at least past the initial latch-on. I am hoping they will continue to get better. I'm using lots of lanolin. I...
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