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JJ, I can't believe you're 13 weeks already! Pretty much done with the first trimester!
Smokering, I'm so sorry your family is having a rough time right now. Sarah, three kids in the shower? LOL Is that possible? With my big belly, I can barely shower with my one.
Sharita, what a perfect day.
Well, they need(ed) to spread the word about that though. I suppose that's the rationale.
YES! Small breasted women can absolutely breastfeed. I was tiny like you before my first pregnancy. I did get a little bigger during pregnancy, but never a B I don't think. And I nursed my son for 2.5 years with OVERsupply. My aunt is smaller than me, I mean hardly a nipple LOL and she nursed twins. So no, having small breasts does not mean anything about whether you can breastfeed. Now I don't know your situation so I can't tell you for sure what went wrong or...
Oh, good to know.Aww, Tradd, you had lots of good info.I wanted to mention one other thing. The threads that are now being posted to facebook are the ones started by "Mothering" - at least so far that I've seen. On this site they are not designated in any way - they are in the regular forums, just started by Mothering/administration. So those of you who wish to not post in such threads or to be more careful about what you say may want to pay close attention to who the...
Yes, after sex is when I had both episodes of serious contractions so far. It's also what kicked off labor with my son.
Me too. I went to the hospital with very convincing regular contractions last Monday night, but they fizzled out. I had another bout on Saturday, not nearly as strong, nor as regular so I stayed home. Those too fizzled out. Since then, just crampiness, contractions every now and then, the occasional really strong one. Super crampy today, and today it's different than it has been. It has been feeling like menstrual cramps, today it is more like...I don't know, kind...
MW, I didn't think St. John's Wort was safe for pregnancy? Or is that just in early pregnancy? I hope it's ok because it might help you out, I just want to make sure you've checked... I'm so laaaaazy.
Those of you who are worried about being more anonymous will want to make changes to protect your privacy even though MDC is no longer posting threads on facebook.
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