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Wow, congratulations Ryleee! The cradle is very nice, but I have no input.
WOO HOO! Congratulations momma and enjoy your new baby!
Yeah, about. Maybe a day short.pdiannet, I don't remember you, we must have missed each other in the thread but congratulations and welcome!
I would say it sounds likely. But I was also 3 cm/80% effaced on April 29, 4-5 cm on May 17, and nothing yet. Haven't really had bloody show though, just a little brown spotting after the last vaginal exam. I hope we both have babies by the weekend! Well...that is...if you are ready!
I agree totally with everything you said, although I like to think I'm a little more anonymous than you are here (and I know you would prefer to be too). But if you unlike mothering, then you won't get a heads-up on your news feed if a thread you're in is posted either.
I'm glad your baby's vertex Smokering!
This is exactly it for me too. I'm anonymous here because I like to discuss my cervical fluid quite often and my inlaws every once in a while. If it was long enough ago, it will be in the archive, and you won't be able to edit it.
True - I'd actually recommend that people do both - post your feelings here, then go to the link in the first post and tell the admins how you feel about it.
I have a feeling this thread will be removed fairly quickly as there is already a thread in Q&S about it and they probably won't like us discussing it here...but for the record, yes it bothers me.
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