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Me too.
I'm 37 weeks, so I'm almost done, but I've gained at least 40 lbs. I didn't have a scale before 17 weeks so it might be like 50.
For most of this pregnancy I've been gaining TWO pounds a week instead of the ONE you're supposed to. I did have several weeks in a row, a couple times, where I would gain nothing or only a half a pound, but most weeks I gained at least two pounds. Couple growth spurts where I gained 4 or 5 in a week too. I actually lost weight a few weeks ago, I was at 179 at 34 weeks, still at 179 at 35 weeks, then at 177.5 at 36 weeks...but now at 37 weeks, boom, I'm up to 183. ...
Hehehe, Jenni, sounds like nesting gone wild. You don't need to paint the kitchen right now. Does that help at all? I'm not sure how to talk people down.
I did use to rinse them with the breastfed poop. But it's really not that much work. I am also hugely in love with EC, so I thought I'd mention it if cloth diapering is something you're at all interested in. IMO, EC makes cloth diapering easier. All you have to do is give your baby the chance to use the potty when you think he/she needs to go. Doesn't work for everybody but it worked for us.
It sounds to me like PUPP? Or PUPPS? Not sure. I've never had it, but I have heard it. Try googling that though...sorry I can't help more.
I've now been pregnant longer than I was with DS, as of this morning.
Annie, I agree with MW and akind that you just never know if those feelings will change later or not. Last pregnancy was so easy for me, and I never had any of those feelings, but that was probably because it was easy! After DS was born I wanted another right away. That feeling went away by the time he was 6-9 months old or so, and I didn't feel ready for another for a good long time. But I did eventually want another. Right now I am conflicted. On the one hand, this...
Since you asked for opinions, I'm going to have to say I hate it when girls have boy names. It's hard enough to name boys as it is, IMO. Sorry.
I don't really know, but I would assume it's because whatever they do to you to stop labor (besides stuff you can do yourself like bedrest, etc.) has risks too.
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