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This is my 3rd, so I am pleased to read this  There's hope yet!!
Yep- I refuse to tell anyone my due date. Only DH knows...not my Facebook friends, not family, no one else! I did last pregnancy and it seemed like my phone rang constantly that week I went overdue. I finally had to turn my phone off  
Yeah, know the feeling. Really wish my body would kick things into gear asap but at 38 weeks, I'm mentally preparing myself for otherwise :-/ As much as I hate the idea of interventions, I'm considering at least getting my membranes stripped after my due date...It didn't work for me the last pregnancy (midwife did, and I didn't go into labor for 7 days!). Maybe this one will be different!
I went a week overdue with both of my sons, so I am expecting to go overdue again with this one since it seems like that's just how my body likes to do things.   I'm due on the 15th, but am expecting somewhere around the 20th...   Anyone else in this boat?
Yes, mine has definitely changed the past 2 months. He is suddenly regressing in potty training (been potty trained for a year) and is excessively more clingy and cuddley with me. The other night, I cuddled with him in his bed and he said "When baby Lukas comes out, he will cuddle behind your back and I will still cuddle with you right here by your face"
Yes, if I can get 4 hours of sleep at night, not consecutive, that's a great sleep for me and of course still exhausted throughout the day. Hoping to find some relief soon
Well, last night was horrible again but I decided to not try anything different...DH still has to install our headboard (our bed has never had one) so once he installs it tonight, I'm going to try the upright position with lots of pillows. Curious if that will help
I am completely miserable at night and have got to figure out a way to get sleep before this baby comes. Please share any advice you might have and what you are doing to make your nights easier.   Here's what's going on:   My pelvis is in horrific pain when I switch positions or get out of bed, to the point of tears The nerve deep in the butt and leg is in pain if I sleep too long on one side and continues to hurt for hours after I wake up   I've GOT to get...
Things I've cried over this week:   Spilled milk, which I slipped and fell on I couldn't navigate Costco.com's online photo center fast enough because the mouse was breaking I ripped part of a present when I was wrapping it A salesman knocked on our door even though we have a "No soliciting sign"   Besides getting hurt on the floor from the milk, I'm pretty sure the other things on that list are ridiculous to cry over
At my appointment on Wednesday, I learned that the baby is dropped! Although, I already knew that- more room in my stomach for eating giant meals, less heartburn, and a brutely painful pelvis with tons of pressure on it.   He'll probably go overdue like my last 2 babies, but hey...I can still be excited, right? At least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel...   Anyone else with engaged or "dropped" babies and lots of symptoms or lack thereof to indicate it?
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