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I feel it pretty much every day now, but its certainly not constant. Mostly its when I'm sitting or lying down still, and not distracted with a million things in life. Days that I'm constantly on the go and busy, I hardly notice anything (sometimes nothing) until later when I'm still again. I know days are coming when he'll be stronger and more vigorous, I'm actually looking forward to it immensely! Baby movement is one of my absolute favorite parts of pregnancy.
A BOY for us!! (the one and only after three big sisters!)
It will either be tossed or we'll plant it with a tree in our yard.
Can you drink through a straw? I imagine you are not only worried about getting nutrients to your baby, but hungry yourself! Make up some yummy nutritious smoothies! The ones we like around here are frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries peaches), a banana, perhaps some chunked pineapple blended up with rice milk. Sometimes I use orange juice and I may add whey protein powder or yogurt too. At least then you'd be getting 'something'. Sorry you're dealing with...
The only one we've ever taken is with our first child, and it wasn't all that helpful to be honest. I don't know what I was expecting, but it seemed more or less educational and not necessarily hands on (didn't teach breathing or anything like that). This time around, we're taking a monthly "friend of natural childbirth" class that is put on by our midwife and her associate midwife. Each month covers a different topic. Last month it was what to do if you have to...
The LDS (Mormon) church has an amazing social services department that deals in adoptions. My BIL/SIL adopted their first child from them, and two others through another agency. Good luck to you! I always think that birth parents are some of the noblest people on the planet.
Yay!!! :
So we just got home from Vegas and I'm WAY tired, but I thought I'd take a minute for our update. The u/s wasn't until the end of the day. But here's the scoop: Our little guy measured 15w6d today!! This is very perplexing since I've been measuring so big all along, plus our fun u/s 12 days ago the tech said he looked bigger to her too than he should have been at that point. : I've been so confused! Based on the measurements of his head, abdomen and femur bone,...
Quote: Originally Posted by ExuberantDaffodil He has since relented and said that we will not circ a boy if we have one (though he came to this begrudgingly and will sometimes mention that he "has no say" in his future son's penis). I'll take a reluctant agreement, to be honest. He knows I'm right. I think I'm about 95% there with my DH!!! I love all your counter-arguments!! My DH knows I'm right, but its really hard to admit when I'm...
Hi and welcome!!
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