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I am in Ontario and my daughter starts JK next September. Is that really all I need to fill out to get an exemption? FWIW, I am in Peel Region and they have been pushing vax info down our throats and kicking kids out of school who aren't vaxed (but likely don't have exemptions). Is it really as easy as this simple form??
I was going to suggest hot water as well. For future reference, the peel is easier to take off when the bananas are over-ripe going into the freezer. I just throw all of my over-ripe bananas into a ziploc in the freezer and use as needed for banana bread. Now I'm going to have to try some smoothies, or frozen banana smoothie popsicles for DD and myself! You've inspired me to mix it up too
Oh you can do so much with zucchini! My personal favourite is making zucchini cakes, breads or muffins for a healthier option (mix it with chocolate, banana, carrot, nuts etc. for a variety). You can do the following: Add it to pizza, casseroles, stir fries Soup Grill it up with some other veggies (peppers, celery, etc.) Zucchini fritters
My DH is always correcting DD and it drives me up the wall b/c I want to keep hearing her mispronunciations but then bam DH corrects her and they're gone! I don't blame you for not correcting DD says a few cute things but I think my current favourite is "congladulations" for congratulations! Too cute DD is also bilingual (french/english) and will often ask me things like "Mama what are you doing dans la cuisine?" I melt every time b/c it is just adorable!
I do play with my DD b/c she really enjoys the interaction doing something she enjoys and her imagination is in overdrive right now. That being said, sometimes it is hard to get into that zone! I also find that if I play with her too much then she NEVER wants to play on her own...which I think is an important thing too. I'll admit too that I play with her more often than I'd like and leave the housework or whatever else b/c I feel guilty that she doesn't have a sibling...
After posting this I read the Amazon reviews too. I decided to add it to my order. I wish it was in paperback but I'm in a place where I think I need to read something like this anyway! HTH Princess!
What did you think? Is it worth a read? Thanks!
I am looking for something more specific than Unconditional Parenting that will work for a younger (3+) child. I have been losing my temper more lately but I know that is mainly my own issue and has very little to do with my DD. However, her behaviour and lack of listening is frustrating my husband as well and I feel like we need more consequences but not punishment for her actions. Was this book any good? Are there other options that are specific? I want something...
Ha! Sounds totally normal to me! My DD is very obsessive about lining things up and if you try to move them around then she gets quite upset about it. She has to line up all of her million and one stuffed animals in her bed b/f she can go to sleep - each night they have a different order but all hell breaks loose if she can't find one of them...and I am not kidding, I think she has about 20 in there that she knows by heart and will constantly try to add more All of...
DD (3 y.o.) has chores that we expect her to do - feed the dog dinner (counting to 3 scoops and cleaning up any spills) she actually enjoys this chore, attempting to make her bed in the morning and organizing it so all of her "friends" are on the bed and picking up her own toys when she is done playing with them (sometimes with help from us depending on the situation). We don't force her to do any of these things but we do strongly encourage her to do them. I guess she...
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