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I just got my CFE and am working on my CCE certification. I am looking to teach classes in the Quad Cities, IA City and Sterling/Rock Falls area, but am looking for places with "classrooms" or meeting rooms that are comfortable and laid back with affordable rental fees. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or might be interested in the FAM/NFP classes Thanks in Advance!
I loooove TCOYF, I use Ovusoft their recommended fertility software, I love it so much better than Fertility Friend, well worth the $. I concieved my son within 2 months of using it after trying for over 2 years without charting or anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen Cut down on carbs? Seems to up fertility for some. And yoga and meditation= no bad stress hormones. Good luck! I am cutting down the carbs for sure, I need to do that anyway, lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by kel32brown Mucinex, or the generic listed as Mucus Relief (guaifenisin) at Walmart's pharmacy area, contains what Robitussin does. It's a tablet, which means you don't have to taste that icky Robitussin flavor. That's the only thing new I'd add instead of Robitussin, myself. I take Vit. b6 100 mgs. per day, and my prenatal vitamin. I use the Robitussin because I have had gastric bypass surgery & the liquid absorbs...
I'm off bc & am hoping to concieve next month for an Oct. baby, I am charting, temping, OPKing, and I plan to use Robitussin as I did with my son, I also used Vitex with my son, but its been so long how much do you use, anything else to improve my chances?
I work 3rd shift and sleep usually in 2 chunks of time in the day, once from about 10-2 in the morning and then again at night from about 5-9. I'm not sure when I should take my temp.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellevuemama Last time I took him to Babies R Us and said we had to get a few things. He grumbled and said for who? I handed him the pg test and said well.... He flipped! LOLOL This time, I've decided I'll dress LO in a onesie that says I'm A Big Sister and just see how long it takes him to notice it. That'll be funny too. Let's hear all the ideas, these are great!!! Bellevuemama That is so cute however I...
I stopped using my Nuva Ring last Monday, mid cycle, and yesterday I started bleeding. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I hope I didn't mess things up by removing it mid cycle, I was just hoping that would make ovulation return quicker.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mountaingirl79 I was hoping someone else would respond to this first but I just have to say.... If your boyfriend really freaks out (nervous is normal, freak out is not) about you having the kids fulltime or leaves you because of it....He wasn't the love of your life in the first place. He's not the man for you and he's not worth your time and energy. Please don't ever put a man before your kids. I say this with love, so...
My bf & I plan to start ttc next month, we both agree not to vax, as I already have 2 children unvaccinated. Last weekend though we got into a heated discussion with his father about my choice not to vax, of course he cited "back in the day" references, but, even "back in the day" my father's side of the family did not vax (for religious reasons) and my grandmother to this day goes around raving at how she and her siblings never got a shot and they are still here, lol, I...
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