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I am so sorry seasiren
Yep, ate lost of soft cheeses with my DS2 and DS3, prefect healthy pregnancies and births. 
I've eaten lots of shrimp already. I don't hesitate for deli meat or soft cheeses. On the 15th I'm doing a double date for sushi! The only food I'm avoiding is wine/alcohol in my first trimester. I cant wait to enjoy the white merlot that's been sitting on my counter for a month. Everything in moderation!  I'm not a hot tub person, so I'm good there.
I felt some popcorn popper feelings this week, so exciting. Only 8 weeks! 
big money saver- freebirthing :P lol Not everyone will go that route. EC is cheap/free, I want to try it this time.
I'm a fluffy mama, I won't show for a while, though I'm starting to feel my uterus. I guess being a pregnancy away from a grand multip will do that! lol  I love the bellies!
Everything hurts but you didn't hurt me <3 Glad you're here! 
http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/pregnancy-test/pregnancy-tests-urine-sample.php this is cool info and I found it true for me, I def got darker positive with SMU than FMU. 
wow a heart transplant!  we donated my son's organ and tissues when he was killed, sadly since it was bodily trauma they couldn't use most of his healthy perfect organs, but they did get his heart valves. I hope they're helping someone. Sending lots of sticky baby vibes your way!
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