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No idea what sex buttercup is, but I've had 4 boys so far. All different pregnancies, varying levels of sickness, from sickness well into my second trimester, to almost no sickness at all. I've had zero sex drive, and a huge sex drive. This is my most different pregnancy so far, with hot flashes, painful sickness, and extra saliva. 
Bleeding without cramping is not alarming from a midwifery stand point, it's fairly common with most pregnancies that experience bleeding going to term. 
I plan on getting birth pool in a box, hubs requested a tub large enough for both of us, the fishy pool is a bit small for 2. :P 
Mine are crazy DS1- 23 hours, pitocin involved, cesarean DS2- 3 hours, quick painful vbac DS3- I say 4 hours, but I only have 40 minutes of active labor DS4- 20 hours, transition lasted about 2.5 hours
Ugh! I hate UTIs! I hope you're healed quickly!
First I want to :hug and say, You cannot do this wrong. There isn't a wrong way to grieve, and whatever you're feeling is perfectly right. I absolutely feel babies experience our emotions with us, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing for your baby to know this sadness. I'm having to remind myself that I need to reassure my baby. That "I love you baby, and I feel sad right now because I miss your brother so much, but I'm still so happy you're coming!" We are our baby's...
I have an aversion to lots right now. If I'm not craving it, it is disgusting and should stop being food.  However, I LOVE CARBS! Potatoes! Must have hashbrowns. And I needed fries and pancakes. nom nom nom
Ultrasound causes heating of the cells as well as cavitation (creating air bubbles), there has been evidence that repeated ultrasounds increase risk of IUGR, it can cause cellular death. X-rays were believed to be safe for many decades, but after a while they realized there is a link between xray and childhood cancers. I'm leery of all ultrasound because of the risks, because of the disordering or cellular devlopment. Heck in some places they're successfully experimenting...
I already lost an older child. It's no longer a "oh when you grow up" it's "if you grow up" I keep that internal dialogue away from them, but it's always there.
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