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Remember cervical checks mean nothing. :) With my 3rd I had a check less than 24 hours before my baby was born, and active labor was a whole 40 minutes. 
 The fundus doesn't get to above the pubic bone until around 12 weeksI have never had this much mess going on it's crazy! every pregnancy is different right!
glad to "see" a local to me mama :)
 I had an epidural that didn't work at all. Well except my left leg. Which was really just painful and awful. Plus the nurse wouldn't stop touching my vagina and vulva, I was pleading and sobbing for her to stop touching me and she refused. The adhesions were just scar tissue breaking up, which is much different than a scar dishesence, it hurt and scared me but everything was absolutely fine. My first VBAC baby was 2 oz shy of 4kg, so that's pretty close. Yet no issue! The...
I'm a VBAC mama! This will be my 4th VBAC. When buttercup is born it'll be 9 years since my cesarean. My cesarean was a really bad experience 23 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing while enduring a sexual assualt. My 1st VBAC pregnancy was challenging but great, adhesions breaking up was scary. It was a fast uncomplicated 3 hour labor, with 10 minutes of pushing. My next VBAC was even better. And my most recent VBAC was the hardest, but I was also extremely...
Elderberry syrup!
I'm still having cramping 6 weeks today, I had some super painful pinchy stuff going on a couple nights ago. I just visualize the placenta eating away at capillaries and setting up shop.  Guess what I got to deal with? I GOT A STOMACH BUG!  Not cool. I thought it was nausea kicking in, but then it got painful, and I realized... yep, just like the norovirus symptoms I had the first week of january. >.< Thankfully it only lasted about 24 hours. Still having some mild...
I'm going to have massages at the same times people have prenatal visits, so once a month from 12 weeks, than every 2 weeks from 28 weeks, than weekly starting at 36 weeks until baby is born. I also want to do maternity photos. <3 I don't know if this will be the last, I'm not planning that way, I'm just enjoying this one, and enjoying my buttercup.
I'm wanting a birth pool in a box, hubs requested after our last waterbirth that we get a pool big enough for him to fit in. No placenta encapsulation for me, it doesn't really help me (motherwort helps with my moodiness far more), and I'm really want a lotus this time. Fingers crossed for a cord longer than 12 inches this time!
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