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Sending you so much love! I am so sorry!
No plans here. Hubs is working late. I think I might do the pregnancy reveal on Facebook that day though.
No birth plan but I'm UP/UC so I don't need one really. I'm very much hoping and feeling like I'm going to be completely alone. Id really love to float in the birth tub, in the dark with hubs and just ride the waves together. I'm so looking forward to catching my baby.
Thanks mamas.
Ovulation doesn't always happen on cycle day 14, I ovulated on cd 29, ovulation was delayed due to sickness. My lmp is 12/21, but I had blaring positive opks 1/15-1/16, ovulated the 17th (the surge happens before the egg) and didn't get a BFP until 9 days after. I'm calling my lmp 1/3.
The dates line up. http://www.perinatology.com/calculators/Due-Date.htm use the conception date and 1/5/14, gives you a september due date
Having a grief wave today. The anxiety is crippling. I feel so bad for buttercup, having to stew in this pain, I'm sorry buttercup. I miss your big brother so much sometimes I forget how to breathe. I held some of his clothes today, and his smell is gone and I'm not doing well. It's been a really really hard couple of days. 
So we told the big boys we're having a baby coming in October and ds2 (6 y/o) said "OH! You're adopting!" I thought that was so sweet.  But they both want a sister, they are adamant! lol Not sure I can provide that. 
I'm really excited that for http://www.stillbornandstillbreathing.com. They're hosting a blog series on love letters to moms pregnant after loss, starts on the 14th 
I've never had implantation bleeding. I do have plenty of cramps though.
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