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I love nature boy names, Heath is apparently one, also love Hawk, Ocean, Ever, Stone, Slate, Aspen, Bear, Wolf (love Wulfrich), and on and on!
I up'ed last time and will again this time. I don't really do anything like a midwife's care, I just take care of me, occasionally listen to baby with the fetoscope, and enjoy the ride.
The easiest way to bump up your calorie intake, healthy fat! Fat is necessary for the brain in general, that is the brain's fuel, and you're growing an entire new brain! I am omnivore now, so I include butter in my diet, but I also love coconut oil, I had spinach cooked in coconut oil with lunch so good, or add some to your smoothie, flax oil is great for smoothies, some people love avocado oil. But that's the fastest way to bump up that calorie intake. I personally don't...
Some mamas don't need to be on top of their calorie intake to expand their blood volume perfectly, but some mamas need help, and for some they just feel better when they get at least 300 extra calories for each baby, and appropriate amounts of proteins/calories/fat/salt. I was vegetarian my first 3 pregnancies but didn't find the brewer principle until my 2nd. My 1st pregnancy was miserable, I didn't eat enough, severely restricted my food and salt, it was a disaster birth...
Aww yay! My ds2 told me I was pregnant before I know with ds4. He insisted it was a girl. Didn't work out that way. 
If you have older kids, have you told them yet? I'm kind of nervous to tell the bigs.  But were doing some pictures this weekend and were going to tell them I hope they're excited! 
This a a group of pregnant women, and healthy salt is absolutely necessary for the pregnant body. I've been studying brewer principles for a few years now. check out www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com The principles have nothing to do with weight gain, and everything to do with maintaining osmotic pressure, properly bathing the lake of blood and maintaining profusion, and expanding mother's blood volume. You need a minimum of 300 calories per fetus, the average diet is about...
Oh man I took some fermented cod liver oil and royal butter oil this morning to stave off a cold that is coming on, and now every burp and I'm got nasty burning fish vomit breath. EW! I'm afraid I might actually puke today! 
I hate to be a party pooper, but a pregnant body is not the same. In the pregnant body you need 80-100 grams of protein a day, in addition to a minimum of 2300 calories (starting the the mid second trimester) this is because the body has to build blood which can't be done without albumin, which can only be found in protein sources. If you get 1/3rd less calories than you need daily 1/2 your protein in take is consumed as calories. I've successfully followed an ample...
That was ds2 in utero nick name! 
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