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I had a craving for boca burgers! First pregnancy I'm starting out an omniovore and I start craving vegetarian junk food. 
I'm jealous of all the twins. 
Lilbsmama I check every time I go to the bathroom too. I'm so scared. I'm so scared to lose another child. DS3, Bram, was killed 14 months ago by a distracted driver, it was a violent and horrible death that all of us were present for (he didn't run out, he stood at the end of the painted line on the parking space in a parking lot while dad closed the car door, distracted driving is deadly!). I spent the last 14 months believing I not only lost my son but I lost my...
I had hotflashes, it relate to the progesterone surge, so does the heartburn, isn't that fun? lol
Is anyone skipping ultrasounds and doppler exposure for baby? .
Emeraldtrees I love your idea! I did nothing creative like that for my first! What a great gift for dh! 
All I want to do is talk about this pregnancy and buttercup, I'm afraid I'm going to get on people's nerves really quickly. I had a great experience with butter cup, I was thinking about wee one and suddenly felt a flood of oxytocin start in my uterus, go up my body and warm my chest. It was beautiful. So I closed my eyes and sent the same love bath down to buttercup. I have never felt so bonded to little one so soon.  So how are you bonding with your wee ones?
I was for my first 3 pregnancies :) 
Thank you citymagnolia 
 I'm sorry Kate! You've been such a positive and a beautiful light in the group. Sending you lots of love!
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