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It hurts to nurse when I go dry, it feels like I'm nursing a cat. That and my nursling will demand more food during the day. That's how I know.
I vote bathwater too, I usually have a gush after swimming (and doing handstands and cartwheels in the water )
Ha, I already bought maternity jeans and a maternity jean skirt. I gained quite a bit of weight in my grief so all my regular pants are instantly too tight for pregnancy bloat. lol 
So far were calling baby buttercup  we will pick something after birth, want to honor ds3 and include a name meaning love or brave in the name.
Never  haha I might let a friend be a midwife for her numbers, but leaning toward not. I'll do a check up with a midwife later for confirmation of pregnancy so we can get a birth cert, but that'll be it unless intuition leads me otherwise. 
I'm constipated, never had that symptom. Did some research, apparently the increase in progesterone causes a slowing of digestion, which leads to heartburn (check) and constipation (check!). So reassuring.
I'm fat already. Pretty disgusting right. But in pregnancy I don't body shame myself, as long as I'm eating enough protein/calories/salt to make me feel good I'm not concerned with what my ending weight is. My priority is growing another person, expanding my blood volume, nourishing my placenta.
Birth centers are no safer than homebirth, and they have higher rates of transfer. Just throwing that out there.
Where do you live mama025?
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