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You're fine, there's some great pics of a mama doing crossfit (lifting) at 8 months pregnant. As long as you feel good, and make sure you're eating enough calories to compensate for the expenditure. 
Needed shrimp this morning. Nearly barfed from an apple! I love having symptoms. 
"In our study, the risk for IUFD in pregnancies going beyond term is remarkably lower than found in studies published about other countries. Our results do not support current guidelines which recommend a routine induction of labor in low risk pregnancies at 41+0/7 weeks of pregnancy." Then there is this "For each trial, the risk for IUFD was calculated in identical fashion, based on the number of ongoing pregnancies." of course the number goes up, there are less...
Inspiring freebirth story from a friend http://www.indiebirth.com/the-freebirth-of-ever-wild/ 
I had to have bread and butter pickles. Had 3-4 bites and started gagging! Lol oh well!
I have free birthed, this will be the 3rd time, 2nd time planning it from the beginning. I'd recommend Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley and The Essential Homebirth Guide by Jane Drictha and Jodilyn Owen.ETA: anything by Michele Odent, Marsden Wagner, or Rachel Reed.
No. I've got to hit up the dollar store for more tests.  Or order some internet cheapies. PEE ON ALL THE TESTS! 
Yeah, don't trust most OB/GYNs. Some are great, but anyone who's trying to control a woman's pregnancy and birthing time is not looking at the best for mama and baby. Own your births, own your pregnancies. No one else gets a say 
We live in CO.  It's beautiful here today, covered in snow, it's even sticking to the trees. 
Lots of mamas carry beyond 42 weeks. I have a friend who went to 45 weeks, and several friends who consistently go to 43weeks and some days. All in the states.   No one gets a say in how long I gestate except my baby, no one is allowed to "let me" or "not let me" do something in pregnancy, because I am my own authority. I encourage all moms to be their own authority.
New Posts  All Forums: