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Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyflakes I LOVE that! Can I put it in my siggy and quote you? I would be honored OP, I'm hoping we have a positive update in the next couple days. I really hope your family appreciates your detective work and is welcoming of the idea of a donation in their name. I love that you gave them the tax break information as well, they'll be loving your gift here in a few months!
Thanks ladies. I think I need to meet him before I'll be able to name him. It was the same way last time. He was Rider Elliot after we found out he was a he then at birth I was like....."YOU ARE NOT A RIDER!!!" Kaleb was just what popped in my head when I saw him. I dreampt this little one told me his name was Josh, but I do not like the name. blah!
s to you mama! I wish you and your baby a safe and happy delivery where ever and how ever that may be! Thank you again MsBlack. I think I now know why my LO is hanging out breech. to both of you!
Stay home as long as possible! For my VBAC I went in during transition, I think hiring a doula will be your best bet at being successful. She will know when you're in transition, or if you're close so that you can get to the hospital in time.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~pi Second, I'm going to say this as gently as I can: Based on this and other gift threads, I think that Christmas will be less stressful for you if you stop taking responsibility for everyone else's happiness. YES! Something everyone should take to heart this time of year and all year and perhaps say aloud to themselves...."My worth does not depend on the approval of others"
Eeep! Sounds like a medwife I'm so sorry you had to have an appointment like that. You've gained a pound a week, whopdefreakingdoo, even if you stay at that pace it's only 40lbs ish, and that'll be lost during birth and breastfeeding! You can birth your baby vaginally. Babies are squishy, so is their baby fat. :P
If it makes you feel better, I have had no weight change between my last pregnancy and this one. I was able to feel my fundus by nine or 10 weeks last time, this time I wasn't sure I was feeling fundus until I entered the second trimester. No differences! Except I was a year and half older I hope this next week speeds up and you can finally feel your fundus and hear you're LO's heartbeat!
That's so scary! I hope you pass. The darn 1 hr has so many false positives I hope that's what you got!
Hands down no. I'm not sure if a reputable piercing place would pierce toddler ears. Still that isn't relevant for me. I want them to be able to take care of their piercings themselves, my toddler can't do that. I also wouldn't want to make the choice of unnecessarily altering my child's body when I don't know how s/he'd feel about the piercing 5, 10, 15 years down the line. No matter how much my 2 or 4 year old may want something or love something now I know those...
So my 3rd trimester means I'm indecisive and need help. We have a few of names that we've thought of so help? First names: Patrick, Bowen, Sean Middle names: Mattew, Thomas, Aurelius The husband likes Sebastian but I'm eh about it. Our boys names are Tatum Harrison, and Kaleb Rider Wendall so help me! And any suggestions for those who like the names or have similar names. Thanks!!!
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