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We are due August 13th with our 3rd
Here's a recommendation for you.  She is who we are using at the moment and has been wonderful so far.   Jennifer Magee - Realtor 214-912-4277 Jennifer@MageeSells.com William Davis Realty
We are in need of a dentist for children and adults in the DFW area.  We're on the Dallas side but have no problems driving to FW.     Also any suggestions for someone we can see about a knocked out baby tooth?   Thanks!
Of course Dr Bain in Frisco is good too. 
I can second Plano.  We pretty much do everything in Plano it seems!
Anyone have a VBAC in Arkansas?  Just searching for more info and BTDT advice/support/suggestions. Also we are wanting a natural unmedicated birth with as little intervention as possible.  No vax, circ, eye drops, vit K and delayed cord clamping.    Thanks!
Thank you very much!  We don't mind being in a hospital setting if we can still get the benefits of having a home birth so-to-speak in the hospital.  We don't want any of the vaxes/drops/Vit K, delayed cord clamping, no circ if a boy and such.     Thanks for your PM, I PM'ed you back! 
Thank you!  We will be delivering in Arkansas so they currently have a VBAC ban of which I'm finding trying to find out more about it.  I just want us to able to have a natural unmedicated birth like you would be able to get at home and have those freedoms that come along with it, but we are stuck in giving birth in the hospital!  We are not due until August so we have time to find what we are looking for.  I'm just coming up with dead ends at the moment! How do we find...
First delivery was natural unmedicated birth, second was induced so of course lead to C/S, third was planned C/S as thought there was no choice!  This time we would like to try for a VBAC and just wondering if anyone else has had a VBAC after two C/S'? The pregnancy itself is very low risk.
Oh cool!  Was she able to eat during labor?  Do you know how he might be with VBAC's?
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