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I'm a really picky eater. I bring my own food if we're going somewhere for several days and I know there won't be appropriate food available. I also deal with food allergies and have learned that bringing my own food is so much easier than trying to figure out meals that everyone likes that fit with our restrictions.   I have been considered rude in the past because I do not eat things I think are gross. I just politely decline. I am not saying "ewww" while people...
We school year-round. We take time off when we need to and make sure we get the required number of days for our state. We finished Kindergarten a month ago or so and started the First Grade curriculums.
I agree that this is awful. :( UGH. I wish Mothering would stop doing this. Pretty soon it will just be the same as babycenter.  
Woke up to find my rooster dead in the chicken yard today too. :( Sorry for you.
I'm sorry. :( I had a friend kill themselves when I was 17 and I am still sensitive about comments like that. Suicide isn't funny at all. It is devastating for everyone left behind.
Guineas don't bother flowers! :)
My almost-6 year old has really long hair and my almost-4 year old's curly hair is about shoulder length. I do get lots of people calling them girls. My oldest corrects them and says "I'm actually a boy; I just have long hair." and we leave it at that. :D
I would sit in the bathroom with the shower on super hot so the room fills with steam. That might help his nose.   He probably has a virus, yeah.   If you can, you might pump some. If it DOES affect your supply, you should get it back fairly quickly after he gets over the illness.
  I also wouldn't have a problem telling my kids this, personally. I don't think it's telling them about our sex life to tell them why he had an operation any more than it's telling them about our sex life when they go to prenatal appointments. My five year old would not be okay with me just saying "it's an owwie" because we explain things to him usually. He would want more details. He knows about scabs and scrapes and broken bones. I see no reason to keep a vasectomy a...
My extremely dairy-allergic son has been fine with the cats eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry cat food. Not sure if the Lactobacillus .. is from dairy but he hasn't had any problems with petting the cats while they eat this food.
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