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We do "Mama" and "Daddy" here. I still call my parents Mama & Daddy, so that's my norm and what sounds 'right' to me.
Congrats! :D What adorable little babies.
No, absolutely not.
I wouldn't postpone the trip.
It is never polite to tell people what types of gifts they can't give to you or or your kids. It's rude and presumptious. Just accept the gift and thank them then get rid of it or just don't have the baby wear it.
My kids:   1st child - really allergic to milk and eggs, also allergic to sesame seeds, intolerant to corn until he was 4. He is now almost 6.   2nd child - no allergies. sensitive to wheat until around a year. at almost 4, no allergies or sensitivities.   3rd child - sensitive to wheat, milk, and corn. she is 6 months old.
Little ponytails. Otherwise you just have to wait it out.
What is the TWTM forum?
I don't care at all what my kids wear as long as they're clothed and the clothing is clean. If the pajamas had breakfast all over them, we'd change. If they were clean, I'm cool with it. I wear pajama pants out of the house sometimes and the world hasn't ended. ;)
  It's funny that you say that because it was the opposite for us last year! Out of 30 guineas last summer, we're down to FOUR. One of them is dark. Two are white and one is lavender.
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