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My husband often wears shorts and sandals, regardless of the weather. He isn't spending a great deal of time outside like that and he just doesn't mind being uncomfortably cold for a few minutes as he walks from the van to the store or house. If he's going outside to spend time with the kids, he'll put a jacket on but he still often wears sandals unless there's snow.   Since this last pregnancy, I get hot very easily. I've been wearing tanktops and tshirts still when...
How about "hands are not for hitting".
It could be an allergy to something he ate. My husband reacts by vomiting/diarrhea when he eats shellfish.
I don't like the Miss Firstname thing at all and would rather children (and everybody) call me by my first name only.
Nope, we can't adjust that setting.  
They're working on new skins. It isn't available yet, so you can't adjust the background color or contrast.  
I have a Dyson animal. I've had it for 7 years and it is still working great! We have 4 cats and it's worked well with 2 Saint Bernards. I know it's not the cheapest vacuum, but it's lasted a long time.
The forums are loading really slow and when I scroll down pages, it's very stuttery. I know it's not my internet connection because it's fine with every other webpage. Just giving a little feedback.   Also I am extremely resistant to change and am really not liking this, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
Is there a way to turn ads off? Do I have to upgrade to a certain membership level? The kid crying picture really bums me out.
I recently bought this: http://www.thekoreanbaby.com/category/baby-carriers/ "I-Phyeonhae reversible 2 way cape" and it works really well. It goes on over the baby quickly and easily (wrap and mei tai and ergo) and is very warm and soft.
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