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Haha, thanks for sharing!
I prepare foods when the kids say they're hungry and they usually get to choose what they want to eat. Sometimes I just prepare something and we all eat it. A lot of times I make separate meals. Some of us have food allergies and not everybody is restricted to no dairy/eggs so that is taken into account as well. There are limitless snacks here. We often get treat-type foods as well. I will usually make sure someone has eaten a meal before they get the treat-type stuff...
Yay, a happy ending!
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g But I am sorry to say, it probably jumped up for a drink and fell in, it did NOT swim up from the sewer. I heard a story on NPR about a rat that did swim up from the sewer into someone's toilet. Freaky stuff!
We used Aveeno Advanced Care lotion. We tried lots of others and this was the only one that helped. Also, we finally figured out that corn was the trigger and when we took all the corn out of his diet (it's in everything so it was really difficult), it went away. We only bathed him once a week and I slathered the lotion on him before I dried him off. Then I just pat-dried him and put his pajamas on.
Yoga pants are awesome. Ignore the haters.
I'm so sorry.
I'm also fine with teenagers going. I don't see the problem and am happy to give candy to anyone who knocks and says trick-or-treat.
I empty it right after I nurse the baby and the milk has stopped leaking. I don't think it's a safety issue. I'm not leaving it against my body for 8 hours or anything.
It is comfortable but it's huge so I wouldn't want to wear it out of the house. Also if you use it, don't bend over to put the baby in the swing after they fall asleep nursing. I forgot I had it in my bra and the milk poured out all over me and the sleeping baby, haha.
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