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s I'm glad he's doing okay! How scary.
I didn't scrape mine. I just nursed nursed nursed on that side and it was better after 2 days. It hurt, ahhh.
My 5 year old has been on singulair for 2 years and it really helps him. I haven't noticed any side effects.
I go to my midwife, no problem. Don't see any reason you need to see a gyn instead.
Yes, call the dentist.
My son is 5 and knows his phone number (I taught it to him in song form and he learned it easily!). My other son is 3 and doesn't know it. I think he'd say my name is Mama if someone asked him (even though he's been known to call me by my first name a couple times). Neither knows their address, though I've been working with my 5 year old on it. He remembers the street and the state but gets mixed up on the city and doesn't know any of the numbers.
Yeah I'd also feel okay turning him around. Awesome pants and socks, btw!
Quote: Originally Posted by staceychev You're not supposed to put anything in the ear canal! I just clean out the outer part of DD's ears, including the wax as it works its way out. Exactly this. We just clean the outer parts.
Can you wear him? Wrap/Ergo/Sling are great alternatives. Back carries are great for getting stuff done around the house without leaving the baby to cry.
I would say around 70 is perfect.
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