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Yeah, your kid doesn't need his own space. Your friend is wrong. My kids have their own rooms but still sleep in our room and choose to hang out in the main rooms (dining/living room/family bedroom) most of the time anyway.
I would post in the allergy section for more help. My son is 5 and still allergic to dairy. You have to read ingredients on everything very carefully. I like the taste of almond milk so I drank that instead of cow milk when I was breastfeeding. Good luck!
Yeah I thought the same thing about Amber & her friend. I really like this show.
http://www.buycostumes.com/Plush-Cat...uctDetail.aspx This is the only one I could find that looks like it'd fit a five year old. It has mixed reviews though. Good luck!
The only thing I would do is direct him to his bedroom or a bathroom and tell him he needs to put his pants back in place in the living room/dining room/family areas. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.
I took medication this last pregnancy because I was unable to keep even water down. The medicine made it possible for me to function.
A tootsie roll.
I am happy. I love my husband and my children so much. Sometimes I worry that my life is too wonderful and it will have to come crashing down at some point but I try not to think that way. I love being a mom. I love being able to stay home with my kids. I love being a wife. This is the life I imagined.
I would be worried but I think you'll be fine since your house is not normally like that. I would definitely keep things extra tidy and gather homeschooling stuff for proof. What a terrible day.
grass-fed organic (certified or not) beef, half a cow (hanging weight): $2.95 per pound. organic (certified or not) whole chicken, per pound: $3.15 per pound organic (certified or not) grass fed ground beef: $4.25 per pound
New Posts  All Forums: