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I forgot to add that we get our raw milk from a fellow homeschooler. It is available, just ask around your friends once you move.
A few people I know have the pox. Are you still looking for it?
If anyone else has a scoby to share, I would love one.   TIA!  
I have spent the majority of my life in Arizona. I grew up in Scottsdale. I lived in New River (on the other side of Anthem on a beautiful acre property), Gilbert and now Tempe. I prefer Tempe hands down to the others. I like that there are enclaves of unique houses. Good food is widely available as a previous poster said. It feels much smaller. I see familiar faces every day. Our family homeschools and there are quite a few options for secular hsing groups. In fact so...
What is it like? DH has an opportunity in the area. We currently live in Tempe. I am concerned over housing and the additional expense of the area. We are homeschoolers, and I am wondering what the hs'ing community is like. Any help?
I would also recommend Freedom and the Seed. Marinah was my midwife for my daughter's birth, and Wendi was my midwife with my son.
Quote: Originally Posted by KingstonMama I think my very favorite thing we dehydrated last year were the cherries! Oh, they were so very good, though they didn't last very long! I did cherries as well. YUM! I sliced them in half. Did you do the same of pit and leave whole. I would love to try to leave them whole after pitting, but I don't want a flop
Quote: Originally Posted by cagirlintexas Just placed an order and even emailed them and there is currently no coupon code aviable. THey did say that occasionally they do some during the holiday times. Now if 3 sisters has what you want there is a code for them. They didn't so I had to order from Nova. Are you referring to the shipping code or is there another one. I want to place my holiday gift order, and it is sizeable. I would love to...
I have been doing this with dh for a few weeks now. I alternate the pu with sit-ups. I am sticking to week three for a few more weeks to really build up strength. I can go on, but my form is getting sloppy.
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