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I hope this isn't against the rules, and mods, please feel free to delete if it is. I have a 2.5 month old son and I am looking for 2 infants close to his age to care for in my home. I am trying to extend the web beyond Craigslist and thought some of you folks might be looking or know someone who is. If you are interested, please send me a PM and I can give you rates, qualifications, references, etc. Thanks! :
Quote: Originally Posted by kattykay A lot of AP people go to Dr. Jeffries at North Raleigh Family Medicine. Pro-BF, not in favor of weaning to cow's milk, ok with delayed vax (or no vax if you want), and just a generally nice person. DH & I are also his patients. DH sees an herbalist as well and he has never had to hide that from Jeffries who is always supportive of what diet/herbal stuff he is doing (other docs have thought that was stupid or a...
I don't post very often, but I am not sure how to go about locating an AP friendly ped in Raleigh. We are expecting our first baby in 9 weeks and the midwives are on us about finding someone. Do you have someone you really like? Thanks!
We did two non-medicated IUIs at a clinic, 24 hours apart which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. The next cycle we did one non-medicated IUI at a clinic and one at home, ourselves, and I am 25.5 weeks pregnant from that - expecting a boy. We used 197. What did the sib registry have to say about 197?
We did not use an ID release donor (bank didn't offer it). I think unknown donors are very different than known donors or adoption. If you are using a known donor, there is some kind of relationship there between you and that person, and then by extension, the child. The same can be said for adoption - at one point, there was some kind of relationship between the biological parents. A donor is just that, a donor. There is absolutely no relationship between us and that...
I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with 197. So far, so good!
Quote: Originally Posted by smartycat For those of you using Midwest sperm bank, have you had any problems communicating with them? We are thinking of switching from Xytex to Midwest but I have e-mailed them twice and called once and no one has gotten back to me. So far not impressed. Is there a trick to getting them to contact you? Do you know if they will work with a midwife? A general practitioner? Or does it have to be an RE and/or OB? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by pranava Has anyone here been successful with MSB #44, or is using #44 right now? We're using #44 and I'm just curious to see how many kiddos are out there or may be out there soon. He was our back up (he's the Greek, right?) - we went with 197. Good luck!
For my partner: 3 frozen at home vaginal insems - all BFNs Me: 2 frozen at home vaginal insems - BFNs 1 frozen IUI (2 vials/cycle) w/new donor - chemical pregnancy 1 frozen IUI (1 vial) + 1 frozen at home ICI - BFP
My name is Melissa and I am due 11/21/08. My wife is Susan, and we have been trying since July. She tried first and then we traded places. I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle and was lucky enough to get pregnant again right away. We are hoping hard that this is a sticky baby!! Our babe is a holiday babe - the first day of the cycle that got us pregnant was Valentine's Day, "she" was conceived on Leap Year Day and is due right before my favorite holiday! If she is...
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