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We aren't the largest site, but we are growing!  And we have some amazing Cyber Monday sales - we also offer custom payment plans for purchases over $100, to help ease the initial purchase.   If we don't have something you want, let me know and I'll see if we can get it.  Congratulations on your April delivery!   www.weedleweedle.com www.facebook.com/weedleweedle
Welcome and congrats on your upcoming arrival! I'm glad to hear you have a doula - I think the group you are with at Northside influences the experience a lot.  That said, I don't know of too many moms who birth there, but my doula has attended births there and experiences vary widely.  Sounds like you have done your research and prep work, so setting yourself up for a great experience.    As for peds, we see Carol Herrmann and I'm a huge fan.  You can PM me for more...
We have had great luck with FuzziBunz perfect size.  My older son wore a size M until he was out of dipes and my toddler is currently in a M (he also wears the FB OS diapers and BG 4.0 One size).  They hold up well and do the job, so we're fans!  
I love a fitted + wool cover for the early overnights.  We used Clovers (not available now, unfortuantely) + Aristocrats wool soaker and then moved into sustainablebabyish fitteds + wool longies.     I love a gown for my babies- makes diaper changes super easy.  Just pull up the gown, change and pull back down. No messing with snaps/zippers/pants.  
We used PS with our older son (OS wasn't created yet) up until he was out of diapers.  We never needed larger than a M, which was awesome.  After prefolds/covers in the early days, the M PS was all he needed.    Now we use both PS and OS (along with a mix of other dipes) with our youngest and I like both.  I love that the OS has the replaceable elastic.  My initial stash, after being used by 2 kids and being stored for a while, ended up with shot elastic and I...
Not sure if this is posted anywhere else, but wanted to mention this is happening this Sunday in Buckhead:         Mayim Bialik, mother of two, star of The Big Bang Theory, and natural birth and parenting advocate will be auctioning off a signed copy of her upcoming book, "Beyond the Sling" at Campaign Kick-Off to Bring Birth Back! featuring Mayim Bialik THIS Sunday, July 31. Learn more about Mayim using the link below and then purchase your ticket...
Hi all,    Just wanted to mention that there is an AP Meetup group for Atlanta - http://www.meetup.com/APMomsAtlanta.   I only recently joined and will be going to my first meetup next week, but it looks like members are from all around the metro area.  If you are interested in joining, you could suggest that park as a future meetup, too.    
I love wool for overnight.  Have had great success with sustainablebabyish fitted + wool covers for overnight.     I haven't had luck overstuffing BG 3.0s b/c the stuffing causes the legs to gap, resulting in leaks.  I agree that hemp is usually really great - Hemp Babies are pretty thin for using multiple layers, but again, I've only really done one microfiber + 2 more inserts.  Beyond that and it's too much, so I move to wool pants so there is no gap.     Good luck!  
RLR is a powder which is biodegradable - it's easier to say what it isn't - it's not a bleach or detergent.  It basically lifts the dirt/stains out of fabric and suspends it in the water, then rinses it all out.  They say it may require a second rinse to get all the suds out, but I've never had a problem.  Though, I use a front loader at home and not a commercial machine.  It's pretty widely used for cloth diapers and by the looks of the package, has been around for a...
You could also try adding RLR to the wash cycle - you just empty the packet into the wash at the beginning of the cycle and it really helps remove buildup and stains.  It's safe for cloth - I typically use it once a month, but it can be used more often.
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