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im 8 days PP, im still sore and achy and i think i have done some damamge to my right hip muscles/ligaments so even getting up to go pee is a job and a half which i really funny as when i was 3 days PP i felt bloody fantastic!!! i have no idea what i am going to do for me, i tried to have a bath last night, as soon as my toe touched the water Henrietta made it clear that she wanted mummy and she wanted her NOW, so i got a quick wash and out again. i might see...
Henrietta latched on sometime in the first hour after birth, latched like a pro and nursed away. the first two days were horrid, i just did not want to feed her as feeding her made the after pains start and they were hediously painfull, crippling, had me sobbing and crying in pain, i could hardly breath it was so painfull, but i kept on going, forming my self to feed Henrietta, but i had to cut Evie off for a couple of days. once the pains died down and my milk came in...
i had my home water birth 6 days ago and for the most part during the early bit i wandered around in a tshirt, mind it took me twentytwo hours from ROM before i went into labour so i actually had to get dressed to nip to hospital to have a trace done but once things got going and i got in the pool i was naked and stayed that way till about an hour after the birth when i put a t shirt back on. Kiz
i had PPH twice in past, with my 1st and 3rd children, i had a great home water birth on 15th august, and i had a pph after that too, it was managed well at home in exactly the same way it would of been at hospital. im glad i did it. kiz
Quote: Originally Posted by Onemagicmummy Birth Date: 17th or 26th Day before or 8 days after Time: 5:45AM or 8AM Sex: Girl (we know) Weight 7lb 7oz or 8lb Labour lenght. 4 and Half hours Kiz Actual Stats Date: 15th August Time: 3:22am Labour length: well 25 hours 2mins from waters broke to birth, but labour was only 2 hours and 45mins. Weight: 8lb 3.5 oz kiz
39 hours ago i had a homebirth. the reality of it was pretty close to the fantasy of it except a few things. my waters went at twoam on 14th, i didnt give birth for another twenty five and half hours, i was not prepared for that. i planned on cord ties, didnt happen i planned on havin my 7yr old present, at the last moment i was able to make a coherant thought i said no, let him sleep, i wont be able to focus. all in all i did almost everything i wanted, i even...
here is a piccy http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k8.../henrietta.jpg
Henrietta-Rose ? Jeri Lennon arrived today at 3:22am weighing in at 8lb 3.5oz. my second biggest. born in water, gas and air only, i was in pool hour and half. willadd more later kiz
nothing to report really, MW left at 4am, i slept a bit, got uo at 7, MW came at 1o, nothing happeningm asked me to go to hossy for a quick monitoring session to keep social services happy, just got back, been told baby is ok, trace showed i was/am having minor contractions every 9mins or so, feel ok just tired, nbeen told i HAVE to eat as im spilling ketones, my doula has gone to see to her kids, but has left her homeopathy kit so gonna have a remedy, a cup of chicken...
hhee hee, im scared, doula on her way mw on way kiz
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