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Quick question to ponder: Would you blow smoke into your newborn's face?
Hi Raihana, I don't have much of an answer for you, but sometimes it helps to know we are not alone. My dd was born in Nov. and I am still waiting for the flood of love I hear about from other mothers... I know I do love her, somewhere deep inside of me, but what I feel is a very strong sense of obligation, not love. She is my first so I don't even know what it feels like and my birthing experience was wonderful, oh and she is high need so we seeem to bond, I just...
Oh Mami Mala I am so sorry to hear that! What a jerk he is! I think you did the right thing. Sometimes "no dad" is much better. I really don't undertand men like that. It's like they are missing something in their genetic make up or something. I cannot imagine him walking away from her or ignoring her. Poor sweetie. I really hope things get better quickly and he goes quietly. Hugs, M
Hi Mami Mala, I have been off the boards for a while or I would've responded sooner. I cannot relate to your situatuon (my dd's father likes to pretend she doesn't exist, which baffles me!) But I can imagine how I would feel having my space suddenly invaded. I just want to encourage you to be patient and remember that you are putting up with this FOR HER. My own father did not visit or even call and it took years for me to realize it wasn't because there was something...
Thanks, Pina La Nina for bringing this up (personal note- my knickname in high school was pina because I loved all things with the pinal colada flavor) OK- you great gals have really helped to solidify my decision. I always thought I'd pierce my baby girl's ears...until I had one. How could I cause her pain? I like the way earrings look and I expect she'll want them in the long run. I asked for them when I was 5 and I remember being shocked at how painful it was. ...
I have a friend that spins! I've never met anyone else interested in it. I will ask her tomorrow for the title of a good book. Also, if a Renaissance Fair comes to your area go to it and seek out the spinners. That's how my friend got started, now she's in the fair. (If you don't hear from me soon pm me to remind me.)
She may already have it, but The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is an excellent novel about midwives in biblical times. My midwife already had it so I got her an Ann Geddes picture of 3 babies in a bucket and it said "babies are such a nice way to start people" (or something to that effect). I liked the idea of concert tickets.
Oh you guys are great! Thanks for the support. I think the venting worked. P.S. Tried the paci again today- no go. Oh well!
Yes, I too am tired of having to justify my choices. Today I found myself defending myself with a total stranger over doing something I don't even want to do... I'll explain- On another thread I asked for advice- should I give my dd a pacifier. While pregnant I swore I wouldn't use one. Now I see there may be a use for one during car rides. It really upsets me when dd cries and I am stuck on the turnpike. I finally tried to give dd a paci- she didn't like it, I was...
Moooommy, I checked on the website, keeper is made of "natural gum rubber". I also saw that I will need a size A. Ha-ha!
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