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Oh Kathy. Hang in there, lie down and rest, and don't feel a bit of guilt please!!!! I think we all agree it's ok for you to be alone and selfish this once.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaneS fragrance free 365 Brand glycerin soap at Whole Foods is literally the *only* one out there, believe me I've looked. Thanks peeps! I'm sooooo happy and just plain RELIEVED today!!! This makes this whole loooooong unbelieveably stressful process all worth it to be moving into a place I love. Oh for heavens sakes, y'all are making me have to think. Now I feel left out if *I* don't change my...
Thanks mamafish9. I figured it was enough, but wasn't totally sure. She's maybe 25lbs so she can't require tooo much. I'll consider getting the drops later too though! Is it just me, or is there a need out there for a natural soap without sals? Every one I find has either coconut, or honey, or fragrance, or some chemical I don't want, or corn-something, or almond, or.... Hmmm. I wonder how hard it is to make soap??? What ingredients would you want in your soap...
DS is sick today, had a fever for a couple days now, poor guy. And he has a random rash, some hives maybe? On his back and under his butt cheeks. That kid randomly breaks out so much, I have no idea what caused it. Food has been controlled, so who knows. His eczema has stayed calm though, so maybe it's the sals. I told him if we can keep it gone 2 weeks, then we can trial foods. I don't think I'm even going to count this other stuff. DD2 continues to do well, I am...
We've done it without Feingold. Thanks to everyone's help here. I'm interested in some of his approved lists though...eventually...but I'd rather buy holiday gifts right now lol. I've scoured the web for whatever free info I can get (my library doesn't even have the Feingold book :irk ) because I'd like to try adding his 'other' stage 1 foods that aren't on the low sals list first, since for some reason they 'seem' to elicit less response in most people. Like, I'd...
Can you take fenugreek? That usually helps with supply while you figure out the other stuff.
I'm sorry you are so itchy, Kathy. I'm still vaguely itchy myself, so I have nothing but empathy!! No solutions though, unfortunately. For the bathroom situation...all I can think of is hydration and what you're already doing. Coffee maybe? Can you drink prune juice?
I've read about different types of sals, too. If I have time later to find something and link it I will....but there are thoughts of different types of sals, and that some elicit more reaction than others, and that being part of the reason for Feingold's observations of which foods are more urgent to eliminate for most kids with symptoms. Wait, here it is. http://www.feingold.org/salicylate.php
So happy the floor is done and you heard the heartbeat! Double goodness, right? I was thinking about sandwiches tonight, and how yummy some fluff would be (marshmallow creme)....any idea how to modify a marshmallow recipe for that? I'm guessing less gelatin, but I wonder how much less?
Quote: Originally Posted by kjbrown92 Surgeon just called with the pathology report: all clear!! WWWWoooo Hhhoooooo!! Dodged that bullet. I'm pretty sore tonight. Can't wait until the rash goes away. I think I'll go back to sleep. Just wanted to share my good news.
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