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When I first started my business I sold only to retail customers; now it is more like 90/10 wholesale to retail, but we still get retail orders almost daily. I am having a whole new site done and want to implement a new cart to better handle the wholesale ordering. I want a cart that enables me to have wholesale customers log in and then they will see the wholesale prices, be able to place their online order, have their credit card processed with exact shipping charges...
i think kate just had a ton of makeup on. apparently while on the island claire refused to share her stash of shimmer foundation and sparkly lipgloss.
I like the idea that it is Ben in the coffin. I could see him assuming the name Jeremy Bentham once off the island. And I can see Jack saying "neither" to "friend of family?" but being crushed by Ben's death because he might think Ben is the key to finding the island again.
Yeah, I was hoping the fan favorite to die was Tom but I don't see how Charlie can get out of this one. He was floating listlessly at the end, maybe not dead, but soon would be. Not enough time to surface. I also think he wouldn't have fought it maybe if he didn't think it was destined.
I think the reference to his dad being drunker than him was saying that when Christian was alive and always drunk nobody ever did anything and he finally just drank himself to death in Australia. Jack seemed to be writing himself Rxs for oxycodone using his dad's name and when the pharmacist said she'd call his office, Jack stormed off, because his dad was dead, so he couldn't let her call anyone. She called his bluff.
yeah, I got the feeling that we were meant to think the funeral was Sawyer's, now that you mention that. That is why Jack said to Kate, "I thought you might come." Maybe Kate is pregnant, though, and as the pp said, the he she referred to is a son? But how long in the future do you think the flash-forwards were? I have been wondering what would happen if they got off the island to Kate. It'll be interesting to see how she gets to be free, because clearly they will know...
awesome ending. totally did not see it coming. so sad about charlie, though. I was really thinking he was not going to die. Why, oh why, couldn't he have gone out of the room and closed the door to contain the flood? Did the door not latch except from the inside? I was thinking, "Charlie, Desmond, swim up FAST!" who's funeral was it that Jack went to? Is the "he" Kate referred to Sawyer? I'm thinking yes?
While these are all arbitrary distinctions, the consensus from the discussions I've had is that having a padded waist band and wearing non-apron=SSC. No padded waist belt and wearing apron=buckle tai. But as I said, it's all arbitrary!
Yeah, I hate that they are implying it is invitation-only if it's not. I'll respond to the guy and see what he says about that!
I see Alex and Rousseau meeting up soon and Alex learning that is her mother. It would also make sense for both Alex and Carl to defect to the Lostie camp.
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