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Title says it all :) I had wanted to use Singapore Math with my rising Kindergartener but I'm  not sure about our long term homeschooling plans. Will it be hard for him to transfer into a traditional public school math program in the elementary years?   Also, has anyone had any experience with Math Buddies? http://www.mconline.us/LEAD/Login/content/ps_mb_1.html It's supposed to be a virtual math program using Singapore Math.
Hi mommas,   Just posting that we will be changing our monthly meeting time. If you have any questions, let me know!     1st Saturday of the month at 11:30 am. at Shakti in the Mountains. 409 East Unaka Avenue Johnson City, TN
Angie delivered my daughter last year. She was wonderful. She stays super busy though and you might have better luck calling her than waiting for an email.  
Thanks! It's really the last thing holding me back from wholly committing to hs. I know he needs speech therapy but don't know if we can swing it. k12 wasn't my first choice but I'd be willing to use it for the time being if it meant getting services and staying at home.  
Just curious. If we register as independent homeschoolers (Tennessee) through the local school district would we have access to intervention services like speech therapy?   What about if we used K12.com?
Thanks for all your responses. Sorry I didn't get back here sooner. We get wifi from the landlord and it goes out for several days at a time...I'm going to check out the websites mentioned. While I would love to be the main source of his kindergarten learning, I'm just not sure If I can. He has a 1 year old high needs (normal toddler :)) sister that is very hands on. Also he is dreading the idea of "school" but loves technology so I would like to use that to my...
Sorry my internet time is spotty here lately....Thanks for all your responses. I'm going to check out the websites mentioned. I definitely want to meet all the standard criteria for our state so that if/when he will be ready to transfer into the public school.  
DS got a leappad for Christmas and it's pretty cool. They have a lot of great apps available. They seem to cover most of what's needed for kindergarten. Was wondering if I might be able to use the available apps to make up a large part of the kindergarten curriculum. Has anybody done anything similar?
Just wanted to let you guys know that there is a LLL and an API group that meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month which just happens to be this coming Sunday :).  LLL at 3:00 and API at  4:00.  Let me know if you have any questions!   http://www.tricitiesparentingapi.org/2009/08/meetings.html  
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