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My 7-year old son is still going strong!
I remember when I saw this in the theater, my college age friend was crying in the bathroom because it was so scary! I would say definitely over 13. It is an oppressively scary movie!
Yes, oh yes. At my house, when it's quiet, you know something is wrong!
Yes, I would say most boys do love to play shooting games, also swordfighting, light sabers, etc. etc. I think it does goes back to a primitive hunting instinct that humans needed to have to survive. I think this is also why kids love to play hide and seek (i.e. hiding from predators). Anyway, my two cents.
Seriously, we should all email the clothing companies and complain about the lack of cute boys clothes!
Hi Laurelsprings - my son is in a Waldorf-inspired charter too. I'm grateful for this thread and to all the people who have posted their experiences. I have read much of this thread and it was helpful to know what sort of things to watch for at the school. I'm happy to report that at my son's school, I don't see any of the problems reported here and he's doing great. Good for you for doing your research! Keep your eyes and ears open!
No, there's no such thing as karma. It's just wishful thinking.
Thanks for your comments, everyone. Just in case I wasn't clear, the charter school we are going to now is 45 minutes away. The new school is a 5 minute drive away. The new school is a pilot school, not sure how that differs from a charter, but it is a public school. I don't really want to rock the boat, but our charter is Waldorf-inspired and I have some problems with their extreme anti-media stance and my son loves computers (which is discouraged until 7th grade).
Hello, fellow moms! There is a new public school opening up near me, it's K-12 and being run by a university renown for its progressive education program. However this school is geared towards low-income bilingual children (spanish/english or korean/english) who are learning english. We are not a bilingual family, but it would be very cool for our child to learn another language. Plus, it's K-12 - how cool is that? Right now, my son is in K at a charter school...
Personally, I love gift bags. At the end of a party, it is like a "bribe" to get kids to leave promptly. I put a lot of thought into our gift bags, decorating them and try to make them fun for the kids. I try to follow the theme of the party and put in a little notepad, markers and a bit of candy like Pez dispensers from the dollar store were a huge hit. They don't have to be expensive or overdone. p.s. In the 1970's we called them party favors in the US.
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