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Going to join you guys. I weigh has much as I did when I was 9 months preggo with ds1 eekk. Anyway I am hoping to not gain as much this time. Right now I have gained a little but I am hoping my current food aversion will help with that. I would be happy if I gained around 15. My body seems to hang onto weight when I am preggo or breast feeding. Which I have been for the last 6 years
Here are my 3 birth stories. Please don't be scared by the second one. Seriously my best birth and easiest.   DS1 I started having contractions early Sat. morning. They continued to progress and I started having them about 2 minutes apart around noon. We decided to go to the hospital but I was only dilated to 1.5 CM. I was very disappointed and we were sent home. The contraction continued to increase and we went back around 9:30 and then I was only 3cm. I was very...
Now to stop being exhausted and nauseous and get to work.
I am preggo with my 4th. My family is causiously excited. Though my mom reaction. Is never good. With number 3 she said."I thought we were not going to do that for awhile." And then went on to say how tired she is. Ha. Even though they live two hours away. When I told them about number 4 i got the same tired talk. My friends are supportive. Many of them have 4. This will most likely be my last pregnancy but we plan to adopt later in life. My current 3 were born in 3.5...
I made it until midnight and I am paying for it today. We went to a friends house and my oldest two made it as well. I am so tired today and nauseous. Not to mentioned, smells are getting to me. Dh made dinner tonight and I couldn't even go in the kitchen let alone eat it. Ughh
I really need some help if this area. I did not get things back in line after my last pregnancy. So I need to be more proactive this pregnancy. I had a lot of nerve pain my last pregnancy and I thinking strengthening my core will help with this one. Thought and suggestions would be great:)
Praying for you Joanna. I hate the rollercoaster if blood draws. Hope the results come quick. I got results today Hcg was 8558 and progesterone 66.1 Double time is every 42 hours. So I was happy with that. Now I am waiting until the 13th for an ultra sound.
Ha who knows with 3 kids under 5 and being preggo. I can't remember:/
Nice numbers I was hoping to get mine back today but they are closed. So I will have to wait to until thursday. Ughhh
We are telling my parents. We always give them picture frame ornaments of the kids and I added one in that said coming soon in august 2013. We are not telling our kids yet so we have to find a time to give it to them when they are not around
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